Is the Keeper Deadline too early?

The Ottoneu Fantasy Football keeper deadline is coming up at the end of the month, and I’m wondering if the deadline feels a little early. I am interested in moving the deadline to the end of July, but I’d like to hear from those of you who play - how does the end of June work for your league?

just to get this discussion started - i also think june is early, and i think end of july is probably better, but not sure if changing this late in the game is ideal. doesn’t bother me, but could see how it might mess with other people’s plans.

I have literally forgotten that the keeper deadline is end of June every single year I’ve played ottoneu football. I would be strongly in favor of a keeper deadline mid to end of July, mostly because I think it better matches the “pacing” of ottoneu baseball’s calendar.

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Here’s a quick poll - please share it with your leagues, as I’d like to either make this change in the next few days or shelve it.

  • Change the keeper deadline this year to July 31
  • Change the keeper deadline next year to July 31
  • Doesn’t matter to me / Don’t change the deadline

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This decision will be finalized on Tuesday.

Looking pretty overwhelmingly like the keeper deadline should be changed this year, rather than wait until next year. If the margin gets closer, it would make sense to go the conservative route and wait until next year. If it remains 70+% in favor of changing it now, it’ll be changed for this upcoming season.

You can change your vote up until Tuesday at noon ET. I really appreciate everyone voting and helping us get clarity on what you all want and need to make Ottoneu Fantasy Football the best possible game.

The keeper deadline and renewal deadline for this year will be updated to 7/31.