Is there a way to stop a current auction?

We’ve just finished a slow draft on couchmanagers. I imported the results back into our league (1419 - Dinger Derby). What I didn’t realize was that the data coming back substituted Minnesota’s Endy Rodriguez for Pittsburgh’s Endy Rodriguez and Anaheim’s Daniel Espinoza for Cleveland’s Daniel Espino. I have fixed that problem, but in the meantime, someone has started auctions for both Pittsburgh’s Endy Rodriguez and Daniel Espinoza. Is there any way to stop those auctions? Thanks. (And there are two Zac(h) Veens and both imported.)

I can do it for you. I’ll end those auctions shortly.

Thank you so much. And I meant Daniel Espino was being auctioned. It’s been a morning.

Should be all set.

hey, glad this league made it into year two! good luck all!

Hey Niv. This exact scenario just happened in my league. I’ve added the correct Endy and removed the incorrect Endy from the appropriate roster, but I need the current auction ended (expires Saturday AM). Sorry for the trouble.

I’ll get rid of it tomorrow.

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This should be all set!

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