Issue with multiple players in same position

I got a message from a player in my league earlier today who had somehow managed to get two players into both his SS and Util spots in his lineup. According to him he was unable to move either player out of his lineup after this happened, and he’s not sure how it happened in the first place. I solved the issue by cutting and re-adding one player at each position, and once that had been done they were returned to his bench and he could set his lineup appropriately.

Not sure how best to replicate this, any no immediate action needed since I was able to resolve it in a way that worked just fine short-term, but wanted to bring it to your attention so you could take a look at it. Thanks! is the team

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I’ve seen this issue less than a half-dozen times in the last 3 years. Every time, I’ve spent time figuring out how it could happen and come up empty. I’m continuing to investigate, but if anyone can reliably recreate this issue, please let me know. We might have to whip up a one-off badge for you, as this bug has to this point been pretty frustrating to sort out.


Any advice on how to fix this?

I’ll look into this. Could you link me to your league home page and let me know what your team name is? Were any players added to your team today?

I’ve put a bounty on this particular bug, so any help would be really appreciated:

Team is Cespedes’ Mookie Cookie

Did you move either of those 2Bs or 1Bs into your lineup today?

Were you using your phone or a computer?

Do you remember seeing anything strange the last time you swapped in one of those players?

You should be able to set your lineup again moving forward.

If anyone can reliably move a second player into a 1B/2B/3B/SS/MI/Util slot, please let me know.

I actually was just able to figure out why this happens, and will have a full write-up on it once I fix the bug.

Ok, this bug has been fixed moving forward.

First, it should be noted that even though the system did allow, under a very specific set of circumstances, more than one player at slots that should only have one player, the system only locked one player, whichever player played first in the day. So, no one could exploit this bug in order to get more stats than allowed on a given day.

The bug existed because the site did not verify that the player being moved out of the lineup was still at the position shown on the page. I recreated the bug by opening my team’s lineup page in two browser tabs. Initially, I had Adrian Beltre as my Util in both tabs. In one tab, I moved substituted Christian Yelich for Beltre, and in the other, without refreshing, I substituted in Matt Carpenter. For the second move, the site should have recognized that Beltre had already been moved out of the Util spot and not allowed Carpenter to be moved in, since that tab is now out of date. Instead, the site put both Yelich and Carpenter at Util for my team.

Going forward, the scenario above will result in an error message asking you to refresh the page.

Hopefully this was enlightening. Please let me know if anyone has any further questions about this issue or sees it again.