Jakob Junis should not count in SP role 05/03/2021

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with what happened last night? Junis had a checkmark and was in my starting lineup but got optioned before the game and never threw a pitch. I only had one starter start but now it says i’m down 2 starts already. Also, my pitching stats don’t add up Should have 24.57pts from pitchers, but it’s showing up as 2.90 pts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll make sure Junis yesterday does not take up any starts for anyone. He ended up coming in as a reliever so I imagine his stats are incorrectly counting due to whatever the weird late scratch thing was.

Thanks Niv for getting back to me so quickly. I now see that he did come in as a RP last night. If he was on my starting lineup as a SP will those stats count towards my pts? They aren’t showing up anywhere but on my bottom line.

Yes, I have Junis in two leagues, and both have incorrectly deducted points from my May 3 totals. Were they deducting points based on his reliever performance? I had him in as SP, so shouldn’t be penalized.

This issue is tied closely to the debut of the pitcher Junis was scratched for:

Junis was the Rotowire probable as of Sunday and our script did not update it to Lynch yesterday because of a complicated issue regarding player IDs and syncing them between multiple providers. Last night once I was able to manually update Daniel Lynch’s ID, he locked into SP and gave SP credit as expected. However I forgot to unlock Junis as a SP for teams where he locked there. Teams who had Junis at RP had him locked and got credit (unfortunately) for his outing as expected.

I have just unlocked Junis from SP for yesterday. His stats should no longer show up for those of you who played him as a SP. This may take a little bit of time to propagate across the site, but I expect by 10am ET it should be reflected on Standings and Today’s Stats as expected.


Great Thank you very much Niv.


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