Jared Walsh on the lineup page

I do not seem to be able to move him into my lineup. When I click on his name, every position is greyed out including 1B and UT and the only green slots are minors and IL. My roster is legal and every other player seems to be working correctly. It’s just Walsh that’s not currently. Thanks.

Per the note on the lineup page and the pinned note in the Ottoneu Baseball topic:

He is a two-way player. Those players have to be moved into an empty slot. Move whoever to your bench and then Jared Walsh will go in fine.

There is a link on everyone’s lineup page that indicates two-way players require extra steps:

You know, I saw that and completely forgot about it. Thanks!

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Why can’t I put Jerad Walsh in my hitting lineup?

I believe he’s a two way player. See the instructions on the lineup page that describe how to utilize them.

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It also looks like he is 3 OF games away from gaining OF eligibility. I imagine all Walsh owners are watching that closely.