Joey Ortiz on wrong MLB team

Ortiz still shows up as a BAL player, even though he’s on the MIL 40-man and his directed Fangraphs page shows him on MIL.

Mostly confused because DL Hall (also in the Burnes trade) appears as a MIL player. Guessing it has something to do with Ortiz technically being in the minors when he was dealt?

I’ll check this out today.

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I have a fix in place for this issue. Going forward, players who the site considers in the minors will, during spring training, show their spring training org rather than the team they last played actual minor league baseball for. For example, Joey Ortiz now will show MIL ST as their current team.

ST is lower priority than any other minor league level. So once AAA games start, you should see MIL AAA for Ortiz, assuming he goes to AAA.

For major leaguers (on the 26 man roster), the ST designation will not show up.