Joining A Private Baseball League

This is great, I’m looking at a team I’d like to claim but the league has a password. I’m not sure how to get that league password as there doesn’t appear to be a way to contact the league. Can you help?

When you visit the Claim Teams page you will now see a list of the commissioners for each league. You can click on any of their names to get to their Ottoneu profile, and from there visit their community profile. That will allow you to message them on this community site.

I don’t want to publish email addresses for these users, so this is the trade-off I’ve chosen to make. Let me know if it makes sense!

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This is EXACTLY what I needed…thanks so much!


So, it appears that the commish of the league I’d ask to join now has HIS team marked as available. Does the commissioners job get passed along, or is the league abandoned at that point?

It depends - either someone else from the league will reach out to me and try to bring the league together for 2018, or the league will fold. Hard to tell in these situations.

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Tried doing that but his. Info is private so I can’t contact him