JuJu Smith

JuJu didn’t port over correctly from college. It created a new card for JuJu Schuster-Smith. Both ate active and owned now.

Ah sorry about that. I have linked these players and will work through removing the ‘second’ addition of JuJu Schuster-Smith across all leagues.

Could you let me know what league you’re in where ‘both’ JuJu Smiths are rostered?

46 has one owned and one nominated for auction. I was referring to their ownership percentages that show both are owned.

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Ah, I’ll nuke those auctions. I think the ownership percentage should be updated shortly as well.

As always, thank you.

To piggyback on, we also had an issue last night where nominating Pat Mahomes in the auction was bringing up some unknown d lineman to be bid on.

Try “Patrick Mahomes”. Was this during a live auction draft? I’ll check that out.

Yes, it was during the live auction. He said it came up in search, led to the right player page when clicked, but brought up some college dl guy when nominated. Not am issue for us, it was the last nomination and no one else could bid, so the commish manually added him to the roster.