July 2019 Ottoneu Power Rankings (FGPts only)

May or may not have a post somewhere soon with some summaries/data on these power rankings, but for now I figured I’d post the full file for everyone to peruse. This is only for FanGraphs points leagues (and only those with 12 teams), as I forgot to pull standings for the other formats.

Ottoneu Power Rankings July

If anyone has any questions about these rankings, I’m happy to answer them.


Just curious…I’m in a FGPts H2H league, 12 teams. Is a comparison appropriate, or would the distributions be different? Is it even roughly approximate?

The trouble with H2H is the variable GS cap per week for each league. Some H2H leagues have no limit, so teams will max out IP well over the 1500 soft cap in standard FGPts.

These are really great (although I’m sad I just missed out on Top 50).

Would there be any chance that the next version of this could include total payroll? I’d be interested to see how far over-cap the high end teams go.

Adding payroll/salary to the report wouldn’t be something I could do automatically, but I could possibly manually add that info for the top 20 overall teams or so.

aha, of course. well, if the power rankings for h2h leagues go up, i’d love to see 'em!