Keep or Cut 2018

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Kyle Barraclough $7 FGPts. Is he the Marlins closer?


If $7 is overpriced for Eloy and people are going to pay way over market value in auction, he should probably be someone you shop pretty heavily


I know what you meant, but this reminded me of the classic Yogi-ism, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” :grinning:


Zack Cozart $9 in a 5x5 league


Oh. Cut. I have Cozart in a 5x5 at $3 and I’m cutting him (now, I do have Andrus and Semien). I have NO confidence he will repeat his 2017. He could end up on the Padres as a FA (legit, who else needs a SS?).


$15 Gregory Polanco in fangraphs points


M.Bumgarner $40 FGpts. ???


Bo Bichette ($6), Fernando Tatis Jr ($5), Austin Hays ($6) in a 5x5 league.


I would cut him


Addison Russell: 13$ in 4x4. Looks like MI is going to be rough in FA… I plan on coming back for russell I just dont know if he will go for 13 or more


I would keep Tatis and Bichette; can always flip elite prospects in season for reinforcements if competitive.
I think Hays has potentially more value in 5x5 than FGPTS; the closer you are to competing in 2018, the least likely I’d be to keep at that $6 price, however. I wouldn’t over think it: if you think your league values Hays for less and he auctions for less than $6, I’d cut. My guess is he’s a $3-$4 player but with inflation it can make $6 a justifiable keep.


I would lean to cut Russell in almost all leagues at $13


Vibber’s steamer projection to 4x4 values in that workbook have him at 12… with inflation especially at a v thin looking MI FA class, im really still torn about it, but thanks for your suggestion


Amed rosario, 4x4, 4$??


Traditional Roto 5x5 Ottoneu league.

LOTS of “keepable” OF: Yelich at $18 is a no-brainer, but so are CSantana at $7 and OHerrera at $10. I have Myers as a keeper at 1B, so Santana’s playing OF or UTIL (and I have Arenado and Turner, so it looks like OF). Also have AJones for $20, Eaton for $17, Dexter Fowler for $8, Calhoun for $5.

I can’t keep 7 OF’s, can I? This is a weirdly put together abandoned team I took over.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Considering you have 162 Games from 5 different OF spots, Id say you need at least 7 OF going into the season.


This is my first Otto league. Picked up an abandoned team and am somewhat struggling at placing a value on good not great players at somewhat higher prices. Kyle seager at $25 and Matt Carpenter at $30. FG pts league. Already have areando and bryant so neither one would be at 3B for me, Carp would most likey be a 2B/MI and seager at Util. The suplus calc would say no but their projections are very similar.


I’m not a huge fan of Rosario but at just $4 I think you hold him because the cost associated with getting lucky is very small here.


Both are borderline and since you have your 3B options covered elsewhere, I would recommend cutting and targeting them more cheaply in the auction (especially Seager, who I think goes for more like $18 - $22)


Keep or cut Aaron Sanchez in a 5x5 league at $15? My squad has Luis Castillo, Manaea, Lamet, Gohara, Buehler, Puk, and Allard. Still have $150 to spend in FA and my offense is already loaded. I have mixed feelings on Sanchez.