Keep or Cut 2018

For those new to the community, a reminder that this “Keep or Cut” category can be used to post polls on various players at various prices to gauge 2018 value. Visit here often to see what polls are active and if you have a hard decision on your hands about whether to keep, trade, or cut a player after arbitration results, this is a great place to ask for feedback from the community.


Keep or cut? $29 deGrom & $20 Duffy?

deGrom is a Cut because it’s past time to quit trusting the Mets organization to correctly handle any pitcher. Duffy is an easy cut

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I agree with both recommendations from @tarheelhitch, but don’t cut them now…could potentially trade deGrom this winter (or he might attract arbitration dollars)

Thanks. @LuckyStrikes yeah I’m not gonna cut anyone right now. I was just looking at my team the other day & trying to figure out who my core players are. Thank you again!

Keep or Cut: Wade Davis $17 ? FGPts.

Factoring in inflation in an existing league, I would lean towards keeping, but may also depend on where he lands. I think he’s better than he was last year, but a big HR/9 fluctuation can make all the difference in FGPTS. Best advice is try to trade him so you get a sense of how your league values him.

Yeah I agree that a lot depends on where he ends up. Thanks.

Keep or cut (Ottoneu 5x5): Ozzie Albies $8 and Eloy Jimenez $7

Keep Albies; cut Eloy, but I wouldn’t cut either until 1/31 and would see what kind of trade value they have in your league. Eloy in 2018 in 5x5 is probably a $3-$4 asset I would guess

I’m in a league where the owner of $21 Wade Davis is trying hard to move him. I’ve been tempted to take the bait, based largely on the hope that he joins the Nationals as their closer, but when I look at the numbers…

He’s 32 years old and has lost 2 mph since his elite 2014. His incredible HR prevention skill seems to have vanished with the velocity, so why would we expect it to return? He has generally kept the K rate high, but his BB rate is creeping up. In 2017, he threw fewer strikes and induced more swings at balls. That’s nice and it might stick, but I don’t see a reason to think it will improve further in 2018.

To me, it looks like Davis’s best case scenario is a repeat of 2017, and that was worth $11. Maybe a few more SV bump his value up to the mid-teens, but that could just as easily go the other direction.

Thanks. I just did a trade for a $6 Luiz Gohara and a $7 Hunter Greene. Guy just proposed it to me for Souza ($3). He needs to cut a lot of salary. Are either of those definitely NOT keepers? Gohara is a “hell yeah” keeper from what I’m reading. Greene is a few years away, and $7 seems like a lot . Parlay him into something else or am I reading his keeper value wrong?

Keep or Cut?
Kyle Hendricks $18, Jose Berrios $13, Carlos Rodon $12
4x4, Last place team

I think Greene is too far away to be kept at $7 right now. He’s got immense upside but as a pitching prospect anything can happen. I would keep him around $3; look to trade at $7

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Rodon will miss a big chunk of 2018 so he is an easy cut.

I would probably shop both Berrios and Hendricks heavily in your league and let their reactions tell you if you should keep or cut, as both may be on the line (I’d lean to cut Hendricks)

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$27 Masahiro Tanaka; $26 Jake Arrieta; $22 Kyle Schwarber. Thinking of cutting all, can anyone argue otherwise?

$16 - Julio Urias and $28- Rendon

I would cut Tanaka; I’d lean keep on Arrieta and Schwarber but both are hard to peg. I’m push Arrieta to cut if he lands in the AL somewhere (TEX, etc.)

Julio Urias should not be kept in any league this year and it might not even be worth drafting him for $1 in most spring auctions (injury).

I would recommend keeping Rendon at $28

$7 is overpriced for eloy BUT there is no way I would cut him. People go crazy bidding for top 5 prospects in FA drafts. There will always be some Yahoo who has decided he Has to have him! Plus, the average prices on prospects are not accurate
, Because most people get them before anyone knows about them so the prices are down. You don’t see Eloy available in free agency anywhere so he might go for way over market value in a free agent draft.