Keep players from last set lineup in the lineup for teams that aren't engaged

Basketball was really fun. Thank you. I do have a feedback note. And if it were possible, I think it would help uncompetitive teams if their lineup got to stay in, even if you used up the games at each position. Of course the players wouldn’t accrue stats once you used up your games, but at least they would be in the lineup to start the next week. Once teams are less interested because they are out of the running, a lot of times they don’t even have any players in their lineup. Does this make sense?.

Yeah I understand what you are describing.

The reason the site does not persist lineups is because it would break the weekly lineup view. I highly recommend everyone uses this view. If every time you put someone into a slot for a specific day, it then set that player in the slot for the rest of the week, it would make setting lineups a really bad slog and undo most of the value of this page.

On the flip side, people not setting their lineups is definitely a competitive problem in all fantasy sports. Generally I think the right decision is to replace managers who aren’t setting their lineups, but I also understand there’s a good argument for a default lineup to start each week just so teams don’t stack up 0s.

I’ll think more about how this can be accomplished without ruining the process of setting lineups for teams that are active.