Keeper Deadline cut list

Although not a huge deal, it would be nice to have a tool to cut selected players automatically at the deadline. That would stop teams from waiting to decide who to cut based on who becomes available from earlier teams making cuts.

Just a suggestion. If in wrong forum, let me know.
Thanks, Jim

So instead of cutting players before the keeper deadline, you’d also be able to queue your cuts for 11:59p ET?

Most teams cut pretty close to the deadline already, and those who don’t obviously don’t mind giving away the tiny bit of information. Could you help me understand how this feature would help the experience leading up to the keeper deadline?

Exactly, you worded it better than I did with “queue your cuts”.

Like I said, it’s not a big deal, but every little bit of info makes a difference. Currently, the teams that wait have the option to see if a targeted player will be in the preseason draft before making a choice on their cuts. If it all happened at the same time, there’s no advantage to the team for waiting until 11:30pm.

Essentially, it forces the owner to decide on keeping borderline guys without knowing who other teams are letting go.

Thanks again,


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