Kershaw $28 for Altuve $37

I am projected to only get 1340 innings pitched. I need a ton of innings to make up ground on the leaders and think I can if can manage to max them. I doubt I’d be keeping Altuve at his cost next year and need advice as to whether this is a good idea on my part

Sorry no one responded to you sooner. Altuve is up to 7.15 ppg on the season now, which makes him worth somewhere around $40. As an elite hitter on a keepable contract, I think you’ll have plenty of trade interest in him as a keeper. If you think you need to move him for IP, I’d put him on your trade block and see what offers you get. You should be able to get an elite SP or multiple solid SP for him. Kershaw is a borderline keeper, but you should be able to get at least one more similar SP back in addition to Kershaw to help you make your late-season push.