Kershaw for?

So I’m starting my first season in Ottoneu after taking over a team about two months ago. The team I took over got last place in the league last year so I’m trying to build it from the ground up a bit. I have a $38 Kershaw and am being asked about who I would want to receive back from a list of other guys: Matt Manning ($2), Plesac ($7), Civale ($6), Trent Grisham ($6), Sam Hilliard ($8), Brujan ($3), and Miguel Andujar ($12). I’m not planning on winning this year, so what might be a fair ask back? I am a fan of Manning’s upside, but I am not sure how to value prospects vs. current contributors. and how much to ask for in return. How many of those other guys would be worth asking for in return with Manning?

Grisham, Civale, Brujan…I don’t think it’s wise to go into a season with Kershaw at that price, if you can get something out of him. He’s worth more after the auction when you can trade with loans. However, I don’t think he’ll go that high at the auction, so you should get what you can for him.

Yeah take what you can get(manning + brujan would be a nice return) and use the cap space at auction to buy a superstar to flip with a loan. Good luck and welcome to Ottoneu!

I would target Manning and Grisham, at least. Brujan may not be well suited for leagues outside of 5x5. I think the other guys you can target in the auction for cheaper