Kershaw trade?

I drafted Kershaw in our auction for $46. Someone in my league proposed sending me $10 Zack Godley for Kershaw and a $34 loan. I’m obviously nervous about Kershaw right now, and I know there’s a possibility that the shoulder stuff seriously reduces his playing time, but what amounts to a $44 Godley seems like a crazy insurance policy, right? Or should I just be eager to shed Kershaw while people are still willing to take him?

If I owned a $46 Kershaw right now I would seriously contemplate cutting him today. Another team would have to spend at least $23 on him and there’s a good chance he goes unclaimed for 30 days. I would 100% prefer $46 to spend over the course of the season to a $10 Godley.

You’re better off cutting kershaw instead of including a loan.

I would not make this trade. It’s not even March and Kershaw is having some fatigue; it could get much worse, but I’d rather hold him now and cut him in April if it becomes a much more serious issue. No reason to sell at the ultimate low point. The cash you free up by cutting him in-season will be more valuable than Godley.

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Thanks guys! Going to reject the trade and hold onto him to see what April holds, knowing I can cut him then if things get worse.

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