Keston Hiura - worth adding?

Who is this guy @owensurett35? In other words, why am I seeing his name pop up on waiver nominations? Is he worth a roster spot?

Some evaluators believe he’s the best college hitter in this year’s draft, and given that he’s not a 1B like most of the other highly drafted college hitters there’s extra value to be had.

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Hope you guys don’t mind but I broke this topic out for clarity.

Keston Hiura was just added to the player universe a few days ago

Top 10 pick and One of the best/most advanced bats in the draft. 2B/OF for Milwaukee. He will likely undergo TJS shortly, nobody really knows where he’ll end up defensively, Hiura hasn’t been able to play the field with the injury therefore no scouts have been able to evaluate him with the glove lately. What is known though is the bat, and that the power will be decent