Kyle Schwarber OF eligibility

Hey @nivshah, looks like Schwarber now has OF eligibility in the system, but he has only started three games in the OF this season. It looks like Schwarber started two games in the OF in '16, so maybe the system is incorrectly counting those games towards the five games started requirement?


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Yep, this is a bug. Because OF positions are broken up by our data provider, the system adds up all the different OF positions a player has played to get to their OF game total. So, if someone plays 2 games in LF and 3 in CF, the system shouldn’t treat those as separate positions and not give OF eligibility.

The bug was that this did not qualify OF totals per season. So it added 2 LF games from last season to the 3 LF games from this season and made 5 OF games. That’s why the bug doesn’t affect non-OF positions.

I’m fixing the bug but will give Schwarber manual OF eligibility for the next day, after which he should qualify due to 5 OF starts.

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