Lamet not credited with hold 5/22/21

How does one look for scoring errors / changes? Example: Yesterday, 5/22/21, Lamet earned a hold which was credited to him by MLB but not registered on ON scoring, as of yet…?

Holds are always tricky things in Ottoneu because it’s not an official stat and different platforms/stat providers have different technical requirements for determining what a hold is.

FWIW, it’s not obvious to me why a hold wasn’t awarded to Lamet last night: he entered after the 5th inning in what was a save situation and preserved the lead but did not finish the game, which is what I understand to be a hold.

But I wouldn’t anticipate it being changed unless it’s some sort of error in the algorithm FG’s stat provider uses to determine holds. Note: this isn’t the 2020 Will Smith double header situation that was previously the subject of a holds inquiry since Lamet entered in the 6th inning (Stammen, who pitched the 5th, was credited with the win).

Here’s the box score for the game.

For holds, the relevant box score is FanGraphs, not MLB Gameday. MLB Gameday uses a different definition of holds than FanGraphs, as I will show in a moment.

Much like the Will Smith situation from last year, the reason Dinelson Lamet was not awarded a hold by Sports Info Solutions yesterday is related to how SIS awards holds. As a reminder, here is the relevant post from last year.

The Hardball Times article about holds, referenced last year, is defining in comparing how holds are awarded by different stats authorities, and I would recommend reading all of it.

The relevant passage to Lamet is here:

The six authorities also concur on a point that finesses the standing definition of a save. The rule book recognizes a save for a pitcher who pitches the final three innings or more of a game, regardless of the lead his team is holding when he enters. Perhaps the supreme example of this is when Wes Littleton entered a 2007 game in relief at the start of the seventh inning with his Texas Rangers leading the Baltimore Orioles, 14-3. He pitched three shutout innings while his team was tacking on 16 insurance runs and got the three-inning save for a game his team won, 30-3.
None of the six authorities recognizes a hold for a reliever entering in such a situation. Either the tying run must be on base, at bat, or on deck, or the lead must be at most three runs with at least one inning left to play. Even if the reliever throws three innings or more (without finishing the game), they won’t award a hold—with the exception of Gameday.

(emphasis mine)

Lamet entered the game with a 6-1 lead and never had the tying run on deck. The three-inning carve out for saves does not apply for holds except for MLB Gameday, the outlier in awarding Lamet a hold yesterday. Other stat providers, including ours, did not award Lamet a hold. Here is the Baseball Reference box score in which they do not award Lamet a hold, for example.