Last 30/14/7 Day Stats when looking for FA

First, I love the recent additions to the site, the last 3 day PC is awesome. Makes managing the bullpen SO much easier.

One thing I’d love to see added is the ability to see the last 30, 14, and 7 day stat lines for players when doing a search. It’d be really helpful to use this data to find players that have potentially improved and worth taking a shot on. Usually I find myself trying to use the 7 and 30 day add rankings to find trending players but would love to see the stats with them! :slight_smile:

You can use the FanGraphs Fantasy Leaderboards to find this information. For those of you in points leagues that would like to see points rates on the FanGraphs Fantasy Leaderboards, FanGraphs is aware and if you email them it will push the urgency on their end.

Thanks for all these changes, Niv. I’ve been advocating for awhile now for a custom date range for stats on the FG leaderboard pages that we’re directed to via Otttoneu. Who at FG should we email / lobby to make all of this happen?

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The comment I just sent to FG via the contact link Niv posted. I encourage everyone who agrees to lobby the higher-ups at FG as well!

Hi – I’m a long time FG member and Ottoneu player. When linking from Ottoneu to the list of players hosted on FG, I have two requests: the first is to allow the same custom date ranges for the stats view that was recently introduced into the the FG leaderboards. The second would be to add a points per game and points per IP column. Niv is doing an incredible job keeping the innovations coming on the ON side, and it’d be great if the custom FG leaderboards for ON could add these new features. Thank you!

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I’m just bumping back up this wishlist request to have custom date ranges (or more than just the current 30/14/7 day presets) on the free agent leaderboards. I think this is a real need as there’s no way to look at second-half performance from last year for free agents, to take one example.

Niv – I’ve sent a few emails to FG asking for this functionality over the past six months but have never received a reply. Thanks for keeping it in mind in your discussions with them.

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FanGraphs has totally redone their “regular” leaderboards but the fantasy leaderboards have been left behind. The regular leaderboards do have a Custom Date Range Split available (among many other interesting splits). I spoke with FanGraphs yesterday and I was assured that re-aligning the fantasy leaderboard feature set with the regular leaderboard feature set could be focused on in the build up to this season. I’ll continue to push this on my end.


Niv – I’m sure this is a tough ask with FanGraphs right now given all of the economic challenges Dave has written about, so just take this as an effort to keep this request on the wishlist. But I’m wondering if there’s any progress on the custom date range split. Especially with how weird the 2020 season was, it’d be awfully nice to have it this year as I’m inclined to want to look at the second half of 2019 combined with 2020 to approximate a season’s worth of games.

And while I’m whishlisting this terrain, it’d be great to have a P / PA, P / IP column.


The latest as I understand it is that the fantasy leaderboards and main leaderboards are pretty aligned technologically now, so in theory adding this stuff should not be too hard. I’ll continue to follow up with David about this as possible.

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I have an update here! We’re now actively looking at solutions for 100% alignment between the FanGraphs MLB Leaderboards and the Ottoneu Leaderboards. David is motivated to make this happen and we’re going to start investigating early in 2021.


Yay! Thanks, Niv (and to Dave).

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Niv – I’m bumping this one back up, as I’m still hoping the sortable stats linked to in FG will one day have the above-mentioned functionality (custom date ranges, P/G, P/IP).

I’m wondering if that’s just not likely to happen on the FG end, whether it’d be possible to add a date range for the displayed stats to the internal Ottoneu Players search page. That page already has the ratios for P/G and P/IP so that would pretty much do the trick. Thanks.

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I unfortuantely do not have anything to update on my message from December 2020, which remains technically true. I’m working on it!

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