Last Keeper Choices


Traditional 5x5 12 team roto FG league:

2B: I have Albies for $8 that I’m keeping and Harrison that I can keep for $3. Keep Harrison?

SS: Have Andrus as a “sure thing” keeper for $16, then Semien for $6 and/or Cozart for $3. Keep both of those guys? Neither? They are in that “in between” area.

(Just as an FYI, I have Castellanos at 3B, where Harrison is also eligible and Cozart soon will be).

I don’t need all three of these guys for one MI position.

SP: I have lots of “really close to keepable” SP salaries (based on my research):

Lester $27
CMartinez $22
Leake $7
Gohara $6
Happ $5
Skaags $4

Definitely keeping Lamet at $3.

One could make a compelling argument that I should keep ALL of those guys. One could also argue I should keep NONE of them at those prices. Do I dare go into the draft with a rotation of Lamet only?

Thanks in advance for the help!


2B: Harrison is borderline for me, I don’t think he’s a bad keep at $3, but he might go for $1 or $2 at auction if you throw him back

SS: I think you keep all three, an either trade one before Jan 31 or after the auction

SP: I would keep CMart/Gohara/Happ/Lamet, and possibly Skaggs