League 653, Good Sir Timmy

The Timmy League has 11 of 12 ownership slots filled. https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/653/home

The 12th slot is an empty roster – someone arrived late to our inaugural draft in 2016, saw that he couldn’t get Trout or Bryce, and quit abruptly, and we never filled the slot.

We want to fill that slot for the 2018 season.

Any prospective new owner could take take my current team Are You Segura.

In which case I would take The Empty Team and start from scratch.

Or you could take on the challenge of building an expansion team with a full $400 budget, and I’ll keep my current team.

Please let me know if you’d like either team.

This is a $50 league.

you may write to dcrowell@berkeley.edu

Are you still looking for an owner? I am an Ottoneu rookie, but if you are ok with having a rookie in I’d be happy to join and take over a complete team or start as an expansion

hi patrick –

lo siento – i thought i’d replied by email and didn’t realize it had bounced. we do have our full complement of 12 competitive teams though, so we’re all set heading into 2018. good luck in all of your fantasy baseball endeavors.