League 791 Openings - $250 FGPts (Dispersal Draft - shape your own team!)

We have several openings in league 791, a $250 FGPts league which I believe is the only one of its kind in the Ottoverse. Rather than take over an existing roster, we are going to allow new owners to select players from available rosters as part of a “dispersal draft”, so new owners will get more of a say in shaping their team from the get-go. Lots of good assets available in this draft: $31 Yelich, $18 Hoskins, $3 Muncy, $30 Bregman, $32 DeGrom, $7 Bauer, $5 Andujar, $5 Nimmo…the list goes on. Owners will select in the dispersal draft in the order they join (1st to join gets 1st pick, etc.), so join now! DM me for more info.

I’m interested, where can I find the league?


Soon I’ll have a google drive spreadsheet up with the full list of players for the dispersal draft.

What are the teams we are picking from?


One owner found, 4 spots remaining.

Only one spot remaining - get in while you can! Message me for more info.

Did this fill? Still interested if not