League dead after payment

I paid my NBA league dues but after a couple of seasons it looks like my league is unfortunately disbanding. When do refunds get processed?

I’d email help@ottoneu.com and Niv will figure it out. He probably won’t be able to do it until Paydala gets squared away, but you’ll definitely get your money back. So I wouldn’t worry about that.

We haven’t accepted any payments since May so are you sure you paid through the 23-24 season?

am I 100% sure? No. I recall paying very early on before the switch to the new provider was made. But I could definitely be wrong. Don’t you need to pay before arbitration?

No, the deadline is the keeper deadline. When does your team expire according to your user dashboard? Which league is it?

I never even realized the “paid through” column. It says october 21, 2023 so I guess I didn’t pay. Could have sworn I did but guess not.

I’ll shut down this league. Thanks

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