League Polls

Any chance that you can add a spot on the league page where we would be able to create a topic to be voted on. Also so it would count the votes to. I know ESPN has an option like this.

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Adding polling is an interesting idea, but kind of a large lift in development for a specific use. If others are interested, please let me know! In the meantime, there are a few options:

  1. You can set up a group message with your league on Discourse, and we have installed a polling extension for Discourse so you can poll that way.
  2. You can do some informal polls on Slack, much in the way people grade trades there.
  3. You can use a 3rd party site and link to it, since league message board posts support basic HTML.

These are just some ideas, hopefully that can help out anyone who is trying to do a league poll.

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To echo number three from Niv’s list, I used to embed poll questions in the message board using google forms back in 2012 or so. For some reason I thought the site started stripping out some HTML characters so I stopped, but that might have been user error on my part.

In Champs, a few of us used to embed our 5MiLB rosters in our trade notes this way as well.

Thanks to Niv for being flexible and not trying to strip out “special characters” from every text field, like a lot of other fantasy sites.

The message board supporting HTML is a relatively recent change so maybe try that again.

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Ah, that explains it! And of course that link is all about 5MiLB as well, heh.

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My league has a dedicated Slack set up and it has really driven great league communication and an easy way to do polling.