League Transaction Counter

Would be nice to have a counter somewhere on each league that shows the total number of active transactions, where transactions would be an indicator of league activity and health. This could be used to help new owners select the best leagues to join when comparing several options.

Maybe it makes sense to count things individually, which could be inbox messages, message board posts, trades, add/drops, waiver claims.


I like this- could even be a badge on the league page that simply tells how “hot” the league is. A transactions number is great, but it could (dreaming here) color code the leagues and even teams depending on transactions, recent logins, time spent on the site. As much as I love numbers and stats, I think a masked heat map might be better for privacy / strategy masking?


Recent logins and time spent on site combined into an activity metric seems like the right way to go here. Everything else flows from owners being active, and owners being active means they are on the site checking in on their league. Very interested in this, would be great to track across all leagues as well.

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Scary thought, totaling the hours spent on Otto…


I think the “last team activity” field (on trade block) is extremely helpful both for making trades and figuring out who is actively interested in trading. Its also a great way to gauge over time if there are inactive owners.

That said, I think there should be limits to what personal information is available to others, including commissioners. I don’t need other people to know the cumulative amount of time I spend playing fantasy baseball. I’m not sure I really want to know that about myself…


I don’t even track that stuff since we don’t have ads on the site. We have anonymized usage stuff, but nothing per user.

I am thinking the average time since last visit across all owners in the league is a good single number to start with. Instead of showing that number raw, curve that across all leagues and give every league a corresponding activity score.