Leaguemates couldn't nominate in part 1 of our draft

We did part 1 of our draft last night- part 2 on Friday. Last night, only 3 teams were able to nominate. I think it was initially caused by people missing out on nominations and getting locked out but even after I let them back in by unchecking the box, they couldn’t nominate. Additionally, two teams that paid for the league and were removed were still listed in our auction draft (in addition to the two that replaced them so our drat listed 14 teams); they were treated as the last 2 teams despite the teams replacing them so when those two missed their nomination, it skipped back up to the top of the draft. Can you help me resolve these issues before Friday? People need to be able to nominate to get their $1 players at the end.

Yep I’ll get this fixed right now. Thanks.

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Thanks, I’m leaving “Require nomination” unchecked to help avoid issues. League 181.

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I’ve fixed your league’s draft order - it was related to those 2 teams getting removed as you guessed.

It should show the right order now and no one should be skipped. If someone is skipped let me know and I will investigate ASAP.

You can see the correct order by going in to the draft room any time.

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If you are feeling feisty you can go to your league draft room, unpause the draft, see if everyone gets a chance to nominate and let it rotate around. Up to you on if you have time for that though :slight_smile:

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Hi Niv, We’re having this same problem - any way you could check this out and help us out - “Adjuvance Football League”

I’ll be on in a minute to see what’s up. Tell me which team is having issues?

Wow, thanks for the quick response - hickmans football team, one kick wonders, 9er gang. That would be awesome if you can take a look. Our league is worried - haha

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I would recommend turning off “require nomination”. My only guess based on what I’m looking at is someone missed their turn nominating and was marked as done and as a result were not able to nominate.

Right now I don’t see any reason any of three teams you mentioned should not be picked when it is their turn to nominate.

Do you see them all listed in the draft order in the bottom right?

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I just ran the exact code that picks the next nominating team for every team in your league and the correct next team was picked, so I really do not think anyone should be skipped right now.

Yes, we see everyone’s names listed. We will try that right now and I will let you know if it worked

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I briefly tracked your draft and it looks like One Kick Wonders were able to nominate, so that seems good. Let me know if anything else comes up.

Thanks a lot!

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We are having an issue that if someone in our draft forgets to nominate someone, then that person keeps getting skipped every time after, even though they do not have the checkmark that says they are done drafting. Please let us know how we can fix this.

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Do this and you should be good.

Pro Tip: I ran my auction last night, and to avoid this scenario, I made the executive decision to just pause the clock if I saw a team down to 1-second. I decided it was preferable to give them an extra 30-sec to nominate rather than have them skipped. Once we did this for a few folks the first time through, never had a problem afterwards.