Lineup advice

End of bench guys like Carmelo and Dwight Howard worth playing tonight? No idea about how often basketball players are going to end up playing based on the position limits. Don’t want to be in essence pitching my #5 SPs and missing out on starts from my Aces at the end of the week. What’s the best guess?

Unlikely that end-of-bench guys will be worth playing often, considering games-played limits. Especially fading former superstars. It would require injuries or desperation, or both.

Just looking at the box score, since I watched the Red Sox instead of the LAL/GSW game, and see that Carmelo played way more minutes than I expected. Still not good minutes, though.

Turns out the games played do go quick. Horses > ponies.

I think we need to split Carmelo and Dwight. Dwight is a role player at the end of the bench who does a job in short stints. Carmelo is the team’s best jump shooter who plays the 5th most minutes on the team so far and who is very efficient at what he does. Carmelo is worth a play in weeks that you’re not filling your F slots with excellent options and Dwight is likely only worth a play if AD and Jordan are both sitting.

I was very wrong about Carmelo. He’s playing his best basketball in 5+ years. Hard to see him sustaining it, though. If I owned him, I’d be trying to trade him.

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