Lineup and Daily Stats View

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Probably a complicated coding job, but I’d like to be able to input a date to view historical stats in both Lineup and Daily Stats mode. If, for example, I’m at the end of Sept. and want to review stats from April, I have to keep clicking on the previous day’s date until I get to the date in April I need. Could be over a hundred clicks. If I had an option to “go to date” I could just input the specific date and get there with one click, regardless of which date I needed.

Development Update, January 2019

If you go back one day on either of these pages, you’ll see a date parameter in the URL. You can edit this date manually if you have a specific date you’d like to go back to.

At some point I’d like to add full date picker UX elements to both these pages, so I will keep this wishlist item open.