Lineup data missing 7/25

Hey Niv, not seeing lineup data come through this am FYI @nivshah


FanGraphs is dealing with a hard drive failure which is resulting in a delay with this info.

We’re trying to get lineup data imported right now

Today’s lineup data Not showing?


Auto-bench will not bench players who have no lineup data. They should be explicitly not playing (red X) to be benched.

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(I am pretty sure this is true and someone let me know if it isn’t.)

(Maybe turn off auto-bench today)

Related to the data loading issues that FanGraphs is running in to, we may not have live data right away.

Lineups will lock at the appropriate times and we will update scoring as soon as data is loading smoothly with FanGraphs.

Ok, it looks like auto-bench is benching players that are in an unknown state, i.e. everyone today. This will be fixed and I am actively investigating.

Thanks as always Niv :+1:

This bug has been fixed and players should be back in lineups that were incorrectly auto-benched.

Kyle Schwarber and Anthony Rizzo both dropped out of my starting lineup for the Cubs game. I didn’t send them to my bench but had the Bench position players that are not in their MLB starting lineup button on. They are both in the starting lineup so don’t know why they were removed from my lineup. Now they are locked and cant fix it

This should be fixed per this thread.

I have autobench on and Braun didn’t go to the bench. He’s listed with the red x. In league 1053

The lineup data was not there until after this game started, but if you email with a link to your team I can manually fix him due to the weirdness of today.

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I actually will just re-run the entire thing now that we have lineup data for this Cubs-Brewers game. It should catch your Braun and bench him.

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That fixed it immediately. Thanks.

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Excited for the pinch hit HR Braun will undoubtedly hit now.


Overall update:

  1. Lineup data is now being brought in by FG but we still won’t have live scoring data for a little bit until our server provider fixes some stuff on our end.

  2. Everyone who was auto-benched incorrectly should now be restored. Do not hesitate to email if you have an issue.

Thanks everyone for the patience!

Live stats seem to be missing again. Is this part of the same issue?

FG is dealing with their server that loads a lot of external data going down. Once it is back up we will start seeing data come in.