Lineup Page in the off-season


Is there any way to see past lineups during the offseason?


Not currently, no. Why are you looking for them?


To compare in-lineup stats on my players with total stat lines to determine how well I chose when to use part time players.


Pretty good use case! I’ll put this on the board, maybe a little lower priority for now.


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This has actually been deployed! You can now directly visit the lineups page in the off-season up until the keeper deadline.


@nivshah – I saw that you made the lineup page active in the off-season, but I don’t see a direct link to it in any of the menus.

However, I have discovered that a direct URL to “live” or “setlineups” brings up the last day of the season, which is great, since I can navigate backwards from there. For example, from one of my leagues:



My bad on not re-opening this topic! I guess I can post to topics that are locked, who knew.

I started up on adding the links back last night and hope to add them back sometime this morning.


Thanks Niv. Looks like there’s a link on the Roster Organizer page, in the paragraph specifying it’s for planning only.


The links to the live and lineup pages have been added back to the sub-navigation areas.


Somewhat related, can access to the waiver claim menu be added back too?


You’ve earned a badge for this request, @byron


The waiver claims page is linked to all year now.