Lineup Planner


This is something I have been working on the last week or so to help me plan my week’s lineup.

DISCLAIMER: This is super raw, needs some kinks worked out. It is also only set up for traditional points (if you are a little excel savy you can change it to simple points from the “stats” sheet). The points are just a very general guide, you know your team and who the must start players are, this could work for Cats as is for now.

This might just be the workings of a mad man, but I feel like it has helped me organize my lineup for the week at least get me started on who should go where. Like I said it is still very raw and takes some setting up each week, but it’s a more visualized way to see your lineup.

I walked through the instructions on the first sheet but this is a high level overview:

  1. Export rosters from Ottoneu

  2. Find your team and paste in rows B:D into the Team sheet (you might have to update the names to match the “Stats” sheet.)

  3. Duplicate the template sheet, and rename to week you are planning.

  4. This is the meat and potatoes Go to the cards sheet, this is effectively a visual representation of every players games for the week. Copy all cells into the first 4 or 5 columns of your new weekly sheet.

  5. From here start cutting and pasting the cards into the grid to fill in how you want to use your position caps for the week

  6. Once the grid is completely filled in, scroll over to the right and fill in your daily lineup using your grid as a key to who you want in each slot. This part might require some tinkering to fit everyone in based on when they play.

You are done and can go into Ottoneu and fill in your lineup each day.

When I did this last week it took me about 10-15 minutes, I’ve made some optimizations to make it go a little quicker and will continue to update it.

I am also working on a way to programmatically do this, but more on that as it’s developed.

Please let me know if you find issues or would like to see changes!