Link to Live Stats Page

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@niv Would it be possible to get a link to the Live Stats on the homepage? I know this is a small thing, but I feel like this page is the most visited during the season and should be more front and center than it currently is. Just my thoughts.


I agree with this 100%. Maybe a link on the home page standings on the right?


Yes. This. It’s the most important page during the season. We need easier access.


I’ve moved the links to the lineups page and the live page to under the league nav from under the team nav. From the league home page they are now one click away instead of two.


Thanks for adding that Live Stats link-- good addition. Niv @nivshah , I noticed that you just added prices to the Live Stats page. I’m a fan of the redesign. But I think this addition is messy. The Live Updates page was always a ‘final product’ for me. After prices and loans are said and done, these are the players you’re running out on to the field. Why include prices in Live Updates? They already can be found in the set lineups page AND the roster pages. Like I said, I think it’s messy.