Live Scoring for Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball


Any reason the live scoring isn’t updating?

This has been up since yesterday...not sure how to fix

Hasn’t worked for me most of day. Keep waiting it will fix itself.


Hasn’t worked all day. Paging @nivshah.


Does Niv know? Don’t need to be the 44th person to email him, but I’m surprised nothing was posted here.


Ah, I see you pinged him Brian. I’ll just be patient.


It’s been an on and off occurrence for the past few days.


I think it’s the fangraphs live scoreboard feeding ottoneu that’s down.


Hi guys,

I really apologize for the lack of a timely response. I have had very low connectivity the last few days, so I haven’t had a chance to look into what was going on here.

I know this issue surfaced sporadically starting last Sunday and culminated in an almost full day outage yesterday. @nielsie nailed it on the head - little known fact that FanGraphs has a live box scores, and that is what powers our live stats. Their data provider has had a rough week, and it basically flowed downhill to FG and then to Ottoneu.

I’m monitoring the status of things today and will be more proactive if issues crop up moving forward. Again, I apologize for the delay in a response, and I appreciate you guys taking it to the forums!


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Live scoring is down again today, Sunday 7/2/17. Has been since about 1:15pm ET, but this is the first chance I’ve had to post it here.


Seems like the same/similar issue as before. FanGraphs box scores aren’t updating either.


Our stats provider is dealing with an issue that arose yesterday and is still affecting them today. Hopefully it will be resolved soon!


Is it possible to add a contingency stats provider that could be flipped on in the event of these outages?


The cost associated with sports data are very high so we won’t be adding a secondary provider. While today is really annoying, the stats will be counted once our data provider comes back online.

Longer term, I’m having a conversation with my contacts at FanGraphs about our comfort level with our current sports data providers.


Live scoring not working?


Live scoring isn’t working tonight?


This one was my fault and should be fixed in the next 30 minutes.


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