Live scoring page totals showing 'false' instead of totals

Do I have totals? False :slight_smile:

It would be really helpful to have more details around this kind of report:

  1. Does this affect batters, pitchers, or both?
  2. What kind of league are you playing (I am guessing points based on the incomplete screen shot)
  3. Does this affect bench players, starters, or both?


It affects all of the above: batters and pitchers, bench and starters. I’m playing a points league.

Could you link to your league’s home page? Are you seeing this behavior currently for any specific team?

I did find and fix some issues related to this for pitchers (both starters and bench) but I’m not sure why ‘false’ would be showing up for batter totals.

Not seeing it currently. It was happening last night in all three of my leagues. That was not the first time I’ve seen that behavior either. I have also seen NULLs from time to time. Often times it will go back and forth between showing correct totals and false or null throughout the evening.


I have made some changes to try and fix this but I am not tagging this as resolved quite yet. If anyone sees totals showing up as “null” or “false” please post to this thread with the same information @jgoggles shared upthread.

Thanks y’all.