Live Stats Page on Mobile

The scrolling tables don’t look very good on mobile for “Today’s Stats.”

Currently it’s a choice between seeing the player’s name and the player’s stats. Then the team names are also taking up some of the valuable space on the left. This is a page which probably warrants an entirely different presentation on mobile.


I know it’s probably tough (impossible) to show everything on mobile, but maybe name, game, and total points should be the default, with a team selection area at the top instead of the side.

Then maybe you could drill into stat details from total points or something.

Agreed, I checked this for the first time today, and while it’s usable, it’s not ideal to scroll for name or stats. Tightening up the columns and like John mentioned the moving the choice of teams could help greatly.

I removed the team picker and I think it improves the experience as a stopgap.

The “total points” short hand doesn’t work for roto leagues, but I’ll think it over.

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That makes sense. Removing the team picker helps a lot.

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I’ve added a team selector dropdown on this page on mobile-only. So, you can switch between teams on the mobile live page again.