Loading 2021 Projections into Surplus Calculator

Does anyone know how to load Depth Chart 2021 values into the custom values tab of the Surplus Calculator? Using this for an Ottoneu league so I presume the dollar values need some tweaking (to $400?) as well.

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Sounds like one for @eamuscatuli

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@BDeere, if you know a thing or two about excel it is not too hard. Do you know how to do a Vlookup? If so, you can copy and paste the otto id, name, team, pos, $ in the ValuesInput Column. After you do that, go to the Auction Calculator Tool on Fangraphs, customize your type of league and then export values for both batters and pitchers. Copy the Player name and value and then paste the information to the right of your ottoneu data. In my example I pasted the values in column G and F and then performed the Vlookup in Column F. I then copied the value in Column V (the vlookup) and pasted in Column E. Feel free to grab the formula out of this sheet if you want to. Make sure you switch B21 to Yes on the TeamTotals tab as well to calculate the new 2021 values. Cheers!



Thanks Stefan! Just sent a request for access to the spreadsheet you referenced. Really appreciate the help!


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@BDeere https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Oep_0b2KKHrXKlb8-CIKL6Te8uYT3MXmMI47xkixtn8/edit?usp=sharing

I think that should work.

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It does! Thanks so much, very kind of you (even if the results are a little grim).

Have a great New Year!

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Not sure if this was what was trying to be done in the original question, but are you able to change projections for certain players in the auction calculator? Thanks!