Looking for a draft

Long time fantasy and simulation sports fanatic who recently got started with Ottoneu.

If any leagues are drafting this weekend and need to add (or replace) an owner, drop me a note.

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trying to start a new league have 6 people so far…u still interested

are you still looking for an owner?

yes…have about 13 people who say they are interested buy looking for firm commits at this point. It looks like $9.99, weekly line-up, fangraph points it he format. You interested? Thanks

yes. I am an experienced fantasy baseball player, but just discovered this format.

when is your draft?

figuring that out …any where from tomorrow to this weekend…looking for a consensus

how do I proceed. is there a league page to review?

as I have not done this format before, not quite sure how to engage.

i have not done it either, do u have an email…i am emailing the 12 or so people who have expressed interest. I am waiting for 12 before I set up the league

here are a few questions …when can u draft? we are looking for anywhere from tomorrow to this weekend and will u do either daily line-ups or weekly…


i ma setting it up now…first come first serve…think we have enough…thank you

let me know if you got the email