Looking for a solid league to join

Looking for a solid league to join

If you want this team it’s all yours. Fun league. Very active.

I’ll take it.

Looking for another

Still looking for a league he let somebody else in instead.

This team is available if you are interested. :slight_smile:

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We have four teams available in League 645, a well established $20 4x4 league.

These teams were both top three last year and are in good shape to contend again:

This team is set up well to contend this year:

This team has a few nice pieces but needs some love:

If you’re looking for H2H, The League (1317) has 3 teams available. You get a round of penalty-free cuts before the auction, which should be pretty loaded with talent.

These are the teams available, and you can find them on the “claim a team” page and just join if you’re interested:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Hi, I would take over the Public Enemies team if it’s still available (assuming I can make drops).


You will be allowed to make cuts. Just let me know your ottoneu username and I will hook you up.

Actually, the team needs to be claimed because it was marked as abandoned–I am unable to add an owner. So just go here Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball and claim the team. Our league name is Spitballs and Fungoes and you can find Public Enemies there(sort the list by league name to make it easier to locate). Let me know if you have any questions. :blush:

Are any of these teams still available? Looking to join a H2H league.