Looking for an active league with prize tier

Probably $49.99 but will consider $99.99 tier. Prefer FGPT or consider 5x5

What I am looking for is an active league, no dead owners, trading and talking. not afraid of a roster that needs managed, but it needs to have something to work with. ie tradeable assets.

I like teams with established players with a few upcoming young stars, prospect teams are not my thing. Need a solid core of hitters and pitching.

Let me know if you have something open.

I am looking to start a $50 SABR league if you’re interested in that. We’re going to use an arbitration coupon or franchise tag system and the 5MiLB system.

thanks for the offer, not a fit for scoring type and want to stay within the basic system without extra rules to try to remember

I expect the Owners Wanted thread to pick up steam in December/January, which is traditionally the time a ton of new players are jumping into Ottoneu or veteran owners are starting new leagues.

Shortstop, I’m commish of of a $50 FGPoints league that just had the 3 teams abandoned. Overall active league. 2 of the 3 lost interest and 1 needed to cut back on the number of leagues he was in.

We’re hoping to fill all before end of arbitration and we are asking that all owners renew fees prior to end of arbitration.

Let me know what you think. I’m also on Slack @MyersKost

Very active 6th year 5x5 Dynasty Team $99 tier looking for EXPERIENCED or very interested owner asap to take over the team presently known as “Gas House Gang” in Ottoneu 5x5 League 181


Because of the closeness to the Jan 31 cut deadline we would like the new owner to pay the $99 donation immediately upon taking over control of the team before making roster moves, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested.

Hey G11, are you still looking for another owner? I may be interested if so.

Yes we are. What questions do you have?

No questions really. I’m not crazy about the team, but I think I’m up for the challenge. I’m joined a $10 league last year that I’m still in, but I’m looking for a money league to join with more active owners.

Send me an invite or shoot me an email with how to join… jrholley_25@yahoo.com