Looking for guidance how to determine player value in a points league with unfamiliar scoring

I’ve been invited to play in a custom scoring Yahoo league (my first ever) and just received a primer on the draft, and roster rules, etc, along with a points system I’ve never seen before

examples…H =11, BB=8, R=4, RBI=8, TB=2, HBP=4
IP=27 (9pts per out), H= -13, BB= -13, SV/H= 65, QS= 50

wondering if anyone has ideas for me how to translate this system into something I can use for player evaluation going into a redraft

I have no idea how these points were assigned…this league has been around a long time as I understand it…likely some mods along the way

I’m going to assume draft not auction?

It’s not too complicated if you don’t have to assign dollar values.

  1. Find a set of set of projections (ATC is probably best for this purpose)
  2. Use the projections to find a replacement-level for each position
  3. Calculate Value Over Replacement-Level (VORP)
  4. Rank order the players
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it’s a redraft

no $$ values

how do you identify #2 above?

So let’s say you’re in a 12 team, 1 catcher league. Then the league is only going to roster 12 catchers, right (since the 13th best catcher isn’t going to get drafted to DH/UTIL)? So rank order the catchers and determine replacement-level for that position based on the value of the 13th catcher.

Or you can make it a little more complicated by taking the average of the catchers ranked 10-14 or something. It doesn’t really matter if you’re not assigning dollar values.

What you want is for the replacement-levels by position to reflect positional scarcity. For example, if your replacement catcher is worth 300 points and first baseman is 450 points, then if you have an 800 point catcher (i.e., 500 VORP) and an 800 point first baseman (i.e., 350 VORP), you want your overall ranking to reflect the fact that the 800 point catcher is worth quite a bit more than the 800 point first baseman. Calculating VORP will get you to that conclusion.

Note that other positions (e.g., MI or UTIL) get a little complicated because you have to remove the players assigned to earlier positions first. Assign the players based on what you expect to be the scarcest positions (e.g., C, 2B, 1B, 3B, OF, SS or whatever).

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I’ve got it…thanks for the clarification…honestly, I’ve always wanted to perform this analysis but never had the patience to go through it…this League has 12 teams and only two of us are new…I don’t want to sacrifice a season catching up…so the motivation is clear, and you’ve helped with the path