Looking for New League

Hey, I’m relatively new to ottoneu, but have been playing fantasy baseball my whole life. I was forced to leave my last league, because the commish decided to stop playing in early May- very frustrating. So I’m looking for a $10 active league, ideally one that’s been running for several years now. I’m willing to take over a subpar team, if needed. Thanks, I’d like to take over as soon as possible!


You have your pick of them on the Claim Teams page:


This team is available for next year: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/240/team?team=1794. Fun league!

Woodwork, I’d be willing to take over that team. Let me know the process.

Hi, Sorry for my late reaction. If you are still interested, I can put you in contact with the commish of the league. Are you on Ottoneu-Slack as well?

What format are you looking to play?

Points? 4x4? 5x5?

Ideally 5x5 but I would play anything

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I’m looking to join an Ottoneu, 5x5 league. Anyone have any league openings?