Looking for start-up $49.99 5x5 League

I’m looking for a competitive true start-up 5x5 League with a group of guys committed to keeping the league together. I prefer the $49.99 tier, as I already have a $9.99 team and don’t think I want to justify spending $100 on a league.

As far as league settings I’m interested in, I would want the league to use the allocation arbitration system and would also like the added element of MiLB5 to increase the prospect appeal, though the latter is not mandatory.

I also would want the league to be pretty much full before I commit as I don’t want to get stuck in a half-filled league and miss an opportunity to join a league ready to go.

I am generally free to draft on Saturday evenings after 7pm CT and Sundays after 3pm CT. Other evenings are possible but not easy fits in my schedule.

I don’t check this forum every day so the best way to reach me is by emailing me at brycehobbs24@gmailDOTcom