Looking for two owners for active $20 Fangraph pts league

We have two openings in league 591, Auto Noise Alliance. This league was rejuvenated last year, held its draft in May, and had a great season. The league is characterized by energetic and knowledgeable owners, some new to Ottoneu. The two available teams are:

  • Sano to Drugs - This is a newly created team from available free agents, including Acuna, Guerrero, Goldschmidt, and Altuve. It has 21 players and $143 of unused cap space.

  • The Sam Hinkie Squad - features a mix of tier 1 players (Bellinger, Tatis, Ryu, Machado) among its members. It has 39 players and a $479 cap. Its new owner will have, as usual, one set of free cuts, setting up the team for the upcoming annual draft.

The first to pay the entry fee ($20) and contact me gets the team!

That was quick! We’ve found our two owners. Our league is now full. Best wishes to all.