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Lucas Giolito: $15

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I remember when I was covering prospects for a crappy little website and I went and saw Giolito in person 3 times. The command is a huge issue but his changeup isn’t good and that’s the bigger issue. I had major disagreements with another member of my team because he wanted to list him as the #1 prospect in baseball…ahead of Bryant, Buxton, Correa etc.

If Giolito doesn’t develop a changeup he’ll end up in the bullpen where he’ll probably be elite. I would try like hell to trade a $15 Giolito but I won’t own a single share of him next year because I would be a buyer at about $3.

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At this point in his development Giolito reminds me of what Archie Bradley was a couple of seasons ago. Bradley actually had a pretty good September this year, but that just means Giolito’s value could be delayed much later than most owners would like…

That’s the exact comp I was thinking when I was responding. Bradley still needs a changeup to make it as a starter but at least the results were better for him

So what is the most you would spend on a current pitching prospect (and by current I mean someone either still in the minors or still with prospect shine, so including guys like giolito, berrios, glasnow, etc.)? and which guy would you spend that on? Is giolito your fave but still not worth $15? is someone else worth close to that?

Man this is a whole lot of yuck there to me. I’d probably be more in on Glasnow than Giolito and I am completely out on Berrios, and I actually wanted him to be my favorite but Twins.

I’m more confident in Giolito actually developing average control but his spin rates are Eovaldi-esque. Glasnow has the more unhittable arsenal when he’s not pulling a Nuke LaLoosh but definitely a hill to climb with command. Depending on where my team is on the win-curve I’d probably go up to $5 Glasnow and $3-$4 on Giolito which probably wouldn’t be enough.

I figured $15 is probably double what Giolito is worth, I got him as a throw in on a deal. Also just kinda wanted to figure out how to make polls.

I’d probably top out at $10-$12 for Reyes, Snell, Taillon or Giolito. Those guys are my favorite that seem to still have prospect shine to me.

Was just coming on here to say I traded away a $13 Giolito this season - but it was to you @sakiehl!

Reyes seems like the obvious choice to me as top pitching prospect right now. I imagine people will go into mid double digits for him next year

I think I would spend up to $8 on Giolito if I had to draft right now. I’d spend $15 on Reyes pretty easily.

Wow, absolute certainty on cutting Giolito at $15. He must have really burned some @Prospects folks this season…

It would be different if we saw something positive in MiLB but the walks were there too. I can dig Reyes for sure and I’d got $14-15

Good to know…I have an $8 Giolito! Probably will hold for a year.

I just don’t understand why there would be anything but a unanimous opinion here. No way he auctions for $17 or above next year.