Lucky Horseshoe


The “Lucky Horseshoe” badge is awarded to owners who have successfully won a player waiver claim in which at least five (5) total teams attempted to claim.

To earn this badge, you must reply to this thread by posting a link to the waiver claim page showing you won the player against at least four other teams.

You can earn this badge multiple times.

You can view a list of all potential badges here.

I’m going to badge myself here for picking up Tanner Roark in the Champions league in March


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Sorry for the annoying question, but when you say “waiver claim” here, do you mean that literally, as in claiming a player within 24 hours of when someone cut him? Or do you mean a post-draft free agent auction?

Yes, I mean a 24 hour waiver claim. If you see in the example above, five teams attempted to claim Roark; I was “lucky” enough to win him based on my position in the standings at the time.

is there an easy way to see the results on old waiver claims or would we have had to take the screenshot at the time of claim? I’m not seeing a way to get to them via any of the transactions pages…thanks

You can see all prior waiver claims for your league using this URL: (replace 530 with your own league #).


Hisashi Iwakuma, back in 2014:

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book reports won Plesac with 11 teams in on him!

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from earlier this season; anthony santander march 25. hadnt noticed this was a badge

indios del boer

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