Main body of the site not centering properly

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Hey Niv, not sure where to put this–and maybe it is totally intentional?–but the site is now loading with the main body seemingly left-aligned. I playing with some of the CSS to turn things on/off and see if it fixed it, but nothing jumps out. I thought maybe it was just me, but I’m seeing it across browsers and asked a few others, so not old style settings I’m applying.

Could you share a link? And a screenshot.

Sure, no problem.

Happens on dashboard, team pages, player pages, etc. So, seems global.

Yep, looking into it. Just didn’t have my browser window big enough.

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Heh, I was wondering if that was what was happening. I tend to have it open full screen all the time.

Ok, this should be fixed. Both baseball and football were affected.

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Nice, looks good!

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