Make Draft Results exportable

Continuing the discussion from See Draft Results for other leagues:

Please add the “Export to .csv…” feature to the draft results page. It would make them more usable for those of us who are geeking out on auction prep.


Draft results are now exportable. Visit any league’s draft results page and you will see an “Export to .csv” link. It should have every field you need to link up with other Ottoneu-related data sources. Please use this thread to let me know if not!


Thanks! The link works perfectly for me. Given the specific way I use these, it would be helpful to add fields with the League Number and auction date, but those are minor issues.

I’ve added League ID and Auction End Time to the export. The Auction End is ET.


Awesome! Thanks!

I continue to marvel at your accessibility and your responsiveness to user requests. You are the best in the business.