Make Finances and Pending Trades viewable while roster is illegal

While a roster is illegal, it would be helpful to view Calendar & Finances Tab and the details of pending trades. Clicking on both currently takes you to the cut players tab.

The trade details allow you to see the exact time the move will process. Which is especially crucial when juggling the 48 trade clock, the 48 hour auction timer, and the 24 hour waiver clock, all while needing to set a lineup.

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I am not sure I have a solid stance on this, but I wonder if it make sense to make it manageable to have an illegal roster. It should be burdensome, right? On the other hand, there are other parts of the site that are visible while you are in an illegal state, and you still can’t bid on auctions, accept new trades, make waiver claims, or update your lineup. I’m not sure on this one, I guess.

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I think the distinction lies between whether its just informational or allows action. Information that lets you address your roster and make better decisions doesn’t seem to cause a conflict.

If we know our roster is only illegal until another pending transaction processes (which is legal) we should be able to see what time that is going to happen. Also, not really a big deal, can always go through email and see what time the trade was accepted and add 48 hours if I really care that much…:wink:


You can now view the Calendar & Finances tab as well as trades while your team is in an illegal state. You should not be able to vote on trades or accept or reject proposed trades while your team’s roster is an illegal state.