Make it easier to scan Roster% when cutting a player

Right now the page that pops up when your roster is invalid is really unhelpful for knowing who I should cut, especially since it won’t let me view my lineup. Can you add some basic stats to this page? In addition to what’s already there, I’d like to see when making cut decisions:

  • P/IP
  • P/G
  • Pts
  • Own%
  • Own% 7 day
  • Own% 30 day

How about a ‘Next 7’ so you can see if you are cutting a potential start

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I’m focusing on a few football things right now but I am down to address the cut players page before the keeper deadline if not sooner.


Awesome, thanks!

First off, Ottoneu is great. So thank you. Here’s my wishlist item:

One feature of most other fantasy baseball/sports sites is a “roster trends” section where you can see, for all of your players, % ownership across other leagues on that site. Ottoneu has this information in both downloadable form and on the Free Agent search on the Players tab. However, I don’t think there is anywhere to easily access this info for your own team (though maybe I just don’t see it). Right know, I’m pretty sure you either have to do a hack where you hit the “include my team” box on a Free Agent search (and do it twice, once for batting and once for pitching) or you can download salaries and rosters and manually match things up in Excel or Google Sheets.

I think it would be great to have this info on the “Rosters” page or on the “Lineups” page (as one of the drop-downs). Even better, I’d love to have it on the “Cut Players” tab. The reason to put it there is because when you are forced to cut players (i.e. when you are over cap or roster limits and are limited in what you can access on the site), it’s really nice to know who your least rostered players are as a means of at least whittling down your cut decision.

If I could go further on this concept, I would redesign the “Cut Players” tab further to include as much info as possible to help inform who you should cut. I would move the “your recent transactions” table to the bottom of the page, allowing you to include many more columns on the roster table on that page. In a perfect world, I’d want to know (in addition to salary, position, and cost):

  1. The roster trend info on the Free Agent search tab (Roster %, 7 Add %, 30 Add %, Avg $, Med $)
  2. Some info on their performance. Perhaps P/G (or P/IP) for the season and in the last 30 days.

Even if all of this info was not on there or it would be a big lift to include, I think the simple addition of the “roster %” to the “cut players” tab would make a big difference.

Thanks for the great site and for reading community feedback.

I apparently completely forgot that I promised to make some of these changes in 2019. This is pretty low priority, since you can now cut players from individual player pages, which you can also view while in an illegal state and have all the information one would want for making cut decisions.

I’m pretty ambivalent on adding more information to the cut page itself, since you can seek out whatever information you want, and things like average salary and roster%/trend stuff maybe isn’t the most important stuff when determining who you should cut from specifically your team. Everyone should have different priorities in terms of who to cut from their team, and letting people choose to seek or not seek out the relevant information for their decision making (i.e. on the player pages) rather than adding more information to the cut page (which implicitly adds an opinion about the importance of that information) seems on balance more correct to me.

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Thanks for the response. I hear you on not implicitly providing an opinion on what’s important. That makes sense. But I still would like to request a page somewhere on the site with the roster % stuff for your own team, ideally on a page you can access while your team is in an illegal state? Right now this info for your own team is fairly inaccessible on the site. I don’t think having it on individual player pages helps that much as you still have to click on each player which is time consuming.

Anyway, not the end of the world if it doesn’t exist, but something I think would be a helpful addition and is a fairly standard page on most fantasy sites.



This sounds like a good fit for the roster organizer and I’ll look into it!

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Thanks for your consideration!


Roster Organizer would be a perfect spot. I think you already fixed it last year so we can view the roster organizer while our roster is illegal.

The Roster Organizer is THE spot during the offseason, its probably the most convenient spot for info to conglomerate.

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Suggestion here as teams begin to sort rosters and make cut/trade decisions: is there anyway to add the current ownership percentage of a player on the team page, comparable to what it looks like on the player sort page?


Might make sense for the roster organizer.

Roster organizer would be good too. Part of why I’m suggesting team page is it would also show ownership percentage when you’re looking at your roster and determine a cut in season as well.

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I often like to scan my roster page to find a cut candidate when considering a bid on a FA. It would be great if one of the columns on this page was Roster % so I can easily see which players the rest of the community aren’t holding onto. Thanks!

I’ve combined 3 separate threads on this topic and tried to summarize what the underlying goal is: users want to be able to see roster% and perhaps average salary for their entire roster in a place where it is appropriate to make cut decisions.


I wrote a bit last year about why I was hesitatnt to add these numbers to the cut page:

However, against my better judgment I’ve added roster% and average $ to the cut page. Look for an upcoming Ottobot Podcast episode where we will talk about this a bit more.

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This is very helpful thank you!

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I’ve added Roster% and Average$ to the roster organizer as well. More on this in the next episode of the Ottobot Podcast!


Would it be possible to move roster% and Average$ to the other side of PPG and Total Points column on the roster organizer? These new columns are good to have and see, but PPG and Points is still the most important thing to see on that page and should be the leftmost columns as they were previously followed then by the two new columns with the actual stats following.

Ros% and Avg$ are “biographical” information and belong with the player’s name.

Stats are stats and go to the right of biographical information.